Haim Sokol


Haim Sokol was born in Arkhangelsk in 1973. He lived in Israel for a number of years and graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a BA in Hebrew Linguistics and Jewish Literature and an MA in Education. From 2006 to 2007 he studied at Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. He lives and works in Moscow.

Solo exhibitions:

2013 “Premonition”, Rendom Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2012 “Ambivalence”, Anna Nova Gallery, S. Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Natural exchange”, CCI “Fabrica”, Moscow, Russia

2011 “Witness”, M&J Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2010 Art Moscow (Triumph Gallery)

2009 'Punctum', EK Artbureau, Moscow

2009 'Curriculum Vitae', Art-Strelka Projects, Moscow

2009 'Palimpsests', Green Gallery, Perm

2010 'Dead Letters', Triumph Gallery

2008 Stella Art Foundation, Moscow

2008 'Cryptomnesia. Relapse', Art Strelka Projects, Moscow

2005 'Memories about Memories', Small Room Gallery, Elul, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions:

2013 “Confessions”, NCCA, Moscow, Russia

2013 Russia XXI. Contemporary Russian Sculpture. Hague, Netherlands, Museum Beelden aan Zee

2012 «Rodina», Музей современного искусства ПЕРММ
2011 «Barter», PROEKT FABRIKA, Moscow

2011 'In the Depths' (IX Krasnoyarsk Biennale)

2011 'New Films', Auditorium Moscow, Belye Palaty, Moscow

2010 Poznan Biennale, Poznan, Poland www.mediations.pl

2010 'The Lesson of History', Palais de Tokio, Paris

2010 'Russian Utopias', Garage CCC, Moscow

2009 'Against Exclusion' (3rd Moscow Biennale), Garage CCC

2009 II Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2009 VIII Krasnoyarsk Biennale

2009 'European Atelier: Sharing a Cultural Space', Central House of Artists, Moscow

2009 'Identity Crisis', Open Gallery, Moscow

2009 'Past Future Perfect', Calvert22, London

2009 'Stone Soup', Atelier #2, Moscow

2009 'The Secret Life of Bodies', Open Gallery, Moscow

2008 'Russian Dreams', Bass Museum of Art, Miami

2008 'Earth' (with A. Kuzkin)

2008 'Lost and Found', New Gallery, Jerusalem

2008 'Russian Povera', Perm Contemporary Art Musem

2008 'Art Index', National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow and National Museum of Arts, Riga

2008 1st Moscow Biennale of Young Artists

2008 '@60.artisrael.world', Judah L Magnes Museum, Berkeley, California

2007 'Coordinates', Kostroma Museum of Fine Arts

2007 'Space', Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2006 'Breathing Memory', Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006 'Let's Talk about Migration', UNESCO Club of Arts and Letters, Patras

2006 'New Members – 2006', Artists House, Jerusalem

2004 'Window', Small Room Gallery, Elul, Jerusalem


Dead Letters. 2010. (Moscow: Triumph Gallery)