Group show

Extension.Israel: Illuminations
04.12.2018 – 20.01.2019, Triumph Gallery

Triumph gallery is pleased to launch the 9th exhibition within the EXTENSION project. EXTENSION.ISRAEL: Illuminations will present the works of thirteen contemporary artists from Israel.

Curated by Roy Brand

Avner Ben-Gal
Eitan Ben Moshe
Tsibi Geva
Keren Yeala-Golan
Dor Guez
Nir Hod
Daniel Kiczales
Karam Natour
Yehudit Sasportas
Ester Schneider
Omer Sheizaf
Hillel Roman
Ben Wadler

We’re not living in a time of great light and very few of us still believe that we are moving forward or even moving at all. For the most part we are lost, roaming, waiting for something to happen, good or bad, anything. Contemporary life is not so much about the living present as it is about an empty expectation, a delay, a postponement without any promise. We are simply wasting time.

No great light, but there are weak illuminations that shimmer in the dark; flickering signs of hope, short and fleeting moments of joy. They appear, quiver and quickly vanish. Sometimes they form what Walter Benjamin calls constellations, like the dimmed groups of stars that we see as figures and read as signs. That’s all that we have at present and the task left to art today is to make them linger longer as ciphers.
These are the works that Illuminations gather: fractured, broken, muted but nevertheless glimmering in the dead of winter and in the thick of night. The exhibition begins vibrating with movement and life once we let our eyes and hearts readjust to that which is quiet, restrained, slowly enveloping, at the antipode of the loud spectacle that dominates our public sphere.

The works of art in this show are light-producing objects whose source of energy is trapped within them, dimly but constantly glittering with hope.

That’s what art can do, at least in our present time: it can pass on the torch of hope, to survive the stupidity of our present times and preserve something of the soul of humanity for prosperity. These artists are like ancient philosophers or monks disseminating wisdom, one conversation and one manuscript at a time. Art today cannot change the whole world at once but it can create small pockets of energy and life that can resist the mainstream. This is not the triumphant and heroic art of high modernism brandishing utopian promises, but neither is it defeatism. Illuminations is a form of acting for a future we cannot yet imagine.

Roy Brand

Education Program

Illuminations: public talk with Roy Brand and Dor Guez
Museum Garage
December 2, 2018
7 — 8:30 pm
Admission free

Roy Brand and Dor Guez will discuss the positions and representations of minorities within the art world, as well the role of artists in their region. What can art do in the present? Must it adopt the strategies of politics or the media or, alternatively, insist on its layered and divergent voice? The discussion will refere to specific works by Guez and other artists in the show curated by Brand.

General Partner

Nativ, a liason organization at the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, provides broad audiences with opportunities to experience the contemporary culture of Israel. This includes cultural events, performances, educational lectures and workshops such as the Moscow tour of the Habima Theatre featuring two performances in Vakhatangov Theater and the exhibition of the graduates of the Industrial Design Faculty of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Language courses organized jointly with the Ministry of Education of Israel is a way to learn Hebrew—a foundational part of the Jewish heritage and one of the most important symbols of the State of Israel. In October 2018, a festival of Hebrew language took place in Moscow. Other educational and cultural efforts include special events that aim to introduce traditional Jewish and national Israel holidays to everybody who is interested.

Israel Cultural Centers operate in Russia under the aegis of Nativ in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk.