Group exhibition

Spatial Errors
11.02.2016 — 03.04.2016, GROUND Peschanaya

The title of the exhibition «Spatial Errors», which will take place at GROUND Peschanaya gallery, is connected to the relatively new trend in art – glitch, what means «technical error». This trend could be explained by looking at the electronic music of the 1990-s, when mistakes in the form of noises, overlays and different types of distortions started to be involved in music and later in contemporary art.

The amount of experiments in aestheticization of digital mistakes in contemporary art is not only engaged by the video, music and digital images, but also with the materialization of glitch-art. Similarly, to the virtual, our own reality gradually takes the form of a collage, being completed and modified, causing malfunctions and defects, which in their turn encouraged to study and convert daily failure of machinery in the usual form of painting, drawing, photography or video art.

The exhibition «Spatial Errors» will present works of fourteen young artists who attempt to fix, or create errors of this type.
Alien geometric objects in the familiar landscapes depicted in the paintings by Nikolai Onischenko, Alexei Vasiliev's monochrome graphics remind us the unfinished construction, turn to be the trajectories of people movement in the room; the surreal stories of everyday in collages by Oleg Borodin and canvases by Dmitry Okruzhnov and Maria Sharova, turned inside out objects by Maria Syrtlanova and deliberately simplified forms in the drawings of Anastasia Pozhidaeva, unfinished shopping centers, which are inscribed in the empty spaces of the residential areas in the painting by Pavel Otdelnov and reproduction of imperfect textures and cracks by Kirill Basalaev and Aleksander Tsyrkin – all of these are the points of contact between the artist and the place.

Artists: Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Kirill Basalaev, Oleg Borodin, Viktoria Kosheleva, Dmitry Okruzhnov and Maria Sharova, Nikolai Onischenko, Pavel Otdelnov, Anastasia Pozhidaeva, Kristina Romanova, Maria Syrtlanova, Aleksander Tsyrkin, Alexei Vasiliev, Anton Zimerman.

The exhibition will take place within Young Art Festival «20-30».