Выставка Владимира Потапова в галерее «Аркада»

27 апреля выставкой «Впереди только история» Владимира Потапова открылась новая галерея «Аркада».


Maйские праздники! 1 и 9 мая галерея будет закрыта. В остальные дни мы ждем вас с 11-00 до 20-00.

Выставка Андрея Горбунова в Ural Vision Gallery

Персональная выставка «Рёбра жёсткости» Андрея Горбунова открылась в Ural Vision Gallery.

Выставка Павла Отдельнова в Галерее «Беляево»

Выставка Павла Отдельнова «Пустыни. 2002 – 2017» открывает кураторский проект Элины Мухиной «Первые ретроспективы» в галерее «Беляево».

Выставка Николая Онищенко в «Смене»

25 февраля в 19:00 Центр современной культуры «Смена» (Казань) и междисциплинарный центр Department of Research Arts (Москва) представят второй проект совместной программы «Не-места» — выставку «Alina» художника Николая Онищенко.

Pavel Kiselev and Vladimir Potapov show at H'art Gallery.

«Nostalgic Future» double exhibition by Pavel Kiselev and Vladimir Potapov opened at H'art Gallery in February 16th.

Vladimir Potapov’s first personal exhibition in Kazakhstan

The artist Vladimir Potapov has exhibited a series of 18 works at his first personal exhibition in the Tengri Umai gallery, Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Potapov's new works on show at Budapest

Budapest Art Factory (BAF) announces the solo exhibition «In the Grass Grasshopper Sat»* by Vladimir Potapov who participated in the international artist residency program in June 2016. Potapov’s newly created body of work is an outcome of research into Hungary’s cultural history, putting forth a range of well-known figures from the Hungarian pop music industry of the past. The exhibition will be held from July 7 till July 27 2016.

The exhibition «Ark»

On the July 20th, 2016 on the territory of the Chernigov Patriarchal Compound the «ARK» exhibition will be opened. The exposition will be held within the framework of the 5th Moscow international biennale for the Young Art and will last till the August 14th. This will be the first event to occur on the territory of an ancient compound situated between Bolshaya Ordynka and Pyatnitskaya streets after its major restoration.

AES+F took part in a theatre project

The AES+F group and Alexander Zeldovich has put the on the stage of the Electrotheatre Stanislavski theatrical project «PSYCHOSIS». The performance is based on the Sarah Kane’s (1971–1999) « 4.48 psychosis» play – the landmark play of the British playwright from in-yer-face generation, who has created the new theatrical aesthetics in the 1990s. Shocking and filled with pain texts were pulling the spectators out of their comfort zone and destroying the fourth wall.