AES+F took part in a theatre project

The AES+F group and Alexander Zeldovich has put the on the stage of the Electrotheatre Stanislavski theatrical project «PSYCHOSIS». The performance is based on the Sarah Kane’s (1971–1999) « 4.48 psychosis» play – the landmark play of the British playwright from in-yer-face generation, who has created the new theatrical aesthetics in the 1990s. Shocking and filled with pain texts were pulling the spectators out of their comfort zone and destroying the fourth wall.

19 actresses of different age are participating in the performance. This is a chorus of the inner voices in the range between irony and hysteria, dysphory or depression and lyricism and sarcasm, farce and grotesque. The artists of the AES+F group as not only the production designers but also as the co-authors of the play, together with the director Alexander Zeldovich explore the limits of the women’s existence.