Audio visual performance «Reasons of Sparking»

On May 30th a one-day performance of artist Michail Maximov and dark ambient duet Cisfinitum will take place in «Triumph» Gallery.
Beginning at 19:30. Free entrance. Please confirm your participation:

In the conditions of insufficient number of observations, inductive method of reflections on the nature of reality gets an important meaning. In the audio-visual performance «Reasons of Sparking» by Michail Maximov and Cisfinitum the mutual impacts of private manifestations cause a metaphysical law, in which trains of the Baikal-Amur Railway with a pipeline system merge with a hard sound and offer a new illustration of existence.

The audio-visual installation «Reasons of Sparking» uses analogue synths «Polivoks», MAX/MSP and Ablenton Live software and audios of the Russian religious intellectuals in refraction of Doppler's effect. Video and audio are connected with each other: a vintage soviet synth plays in real time audiosequences converted from the digital video signal that is controlling the lightning of the installation.


Michail Maximov is an artist and independent director. He has graduate and the professor of Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Participant of the exhibitions and film festivals such as: III, IV and V Moscow biennial of modern art, Andrey Tarkovsky film festival «Mirror» (2013), film festival «New Horizon» (Wroclaw, Poland, 2013), Moscow International Film festival (2013, 2014), Manifest 10 (St. Petersburg, 2014), film festival «2morrow» (2015), Cannes video festival (2015) and other.

The Cisfinitum project stands at the origins of a noise and industrial scene of Russia since the end of the 1990th. Music of Cisfinitum, filled with mysticism and melancholy in combination with high-technological effectiveness and harmony, makes deep psychoemotional impact on listeners. The project has extensive concert geography and is a numerous participant of the majority of the Russian and international festivals of experimental music. Since 2014 the project makes as a part of the duet (Evgeny Voronovsky / Inna Ekhos) the new concert program for the first time executed at a joint concert with the Earth and Nadja group in Moscow.