Vladimir Potapov’s first personal exhibition in Kazakhstan

The artist Vladimir Potapov has exhibited a series of 18 works at his first personal exhibition in the Tengri Umai gallery, Kazakhstan.

The new «Inside» series not only follows all the canonical laws of form, color and composition, but also gets into the space of the sculpture that can be created by two means: add or cut. The «Inside» series is based on the second mean, it has all started when the artist has noticed the depth of the peeling paint on the old playground and used the same technique to create a painting by removing the layers of paint. The series was later continued in the reversed technique – by adding new layers to the clear surface.

The artist himself said the following about the process: «the process can be compared with the game of hide-and-seek, roulette or with an attempt to cross the minefield. All this associations have one thing in common – unexpectedness. This is an equation with several unknown variables: color of the layer, its thickness and evenness on the plane, and different random pieces of advertisements and posters. Whereas in the classical approach is controlled by the artist till the very end, in my case there is always an element of surprise – the impossibility to think a move ahead, necessity to correlate each new layer with the previously opened. To me it’s like a game of chess with the Fortuity, an attempt to tame the Chaos by drawing a line around it and giving it a figurative outline. To me it has become a revelation when I noticed that I like to yield in this game, I want to lose it. »