The exhibition «Ark»

On the July 20th, 2016 on the territory of the Chernigov Patriarchal Compound the «ARK» exhibition will be opened. The exposition will be held within the framework of the 5th Moscow international biennale for the Young Art and will last till the August 14th. This will be the first event to occur on the territory of an ancient compound situated between Bolshaya Ordynka and Pyatnitskaya streets after its major restoration.

The «ARK» project includes 10 works of the modern visual and public art created by the young artists of current interest: Alexander Agbunov, Konstantin Grebnev, Kirill Kotoshev, Ekaterina Pugach, Maxim Pereligin, Ilia Gureev and Michael Skvortsov.

The presented works are similar in their search for the meaning of the life, thoughts on the inner and outer space.

Russian culture was historically closely connected to the Russian Orthodox Church. The Abbeys in Russia served as education distributing centers. Many outstanding works of literature, art and classical music were created by those inspired by the spiritual images, but during the reign period of the Soviet Power Russian Church has lost all the freedom to act outside the temple fences.

Modern art does not address the questions of the faith directly, and sometimes the ignoring of the spiritual reaches the level where we don't expect to face any conversation about sacred at all. «Russian language itself is connected to the spirituality – as a result, claims for the exceptional secularity of the progressive art cut its substantional part and potential off», – says curator of the exhibition Korney Bruskov.

Nowadays occurs a rethinking of the traditions. As a clear demonstration for that serves this exhibition and the restoration from ruins of the Chernigov Patriarchal Compound, where, apart from churches one of which containes murals by Vasnetsov and erected at the end of the XVIII century bell tower, the Sts Cyril and Methodius' Post-Graduate and Doctoral School is situated – a leading educational institution of the Russian Church that pays a lot of attention to the promotion of the dialog between the Church and the Cultural Society.